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Social Responsibility


Health & Safety (H&S) Policy

KESSEN is committed to providing a healthy and safe work place for all employees, partners and visitors. We consider health, safety and the positivity of our employees an essential part of production. For these years we follow a systematic way to ensure that policy can be achieved.
We believe that H&S is not only an individual responsibility but also a shared responsibility of all the employees.
We make and revise the policy on the basis of legislation and regulations to make sure every piece of the policy are closely related and stay in a high standard.

Environmental Policy

KESSEN is devoted to protecting the environment and being harmony with the nature. We take environmental processing technology and follow effluent standards strictly according to environmental protection law and inspect our impact regularly to ensure that it is harmless.
We give the training to all the employees at their first day to ensure they are aware of their mis-operations may cause the harm to environment and also our partner will know the proper way to reduce the harmful impacts by the training.