1)Ceramic Injection Engineer

Job description: familiar with grouting technology and related equipment.
Requirements: Gender: male, education: technical school and above, age: 20-40, there is more than one year relevant working experience, familiar with the kiln knowledge, can bear hardships and stand hard work.


2)Kiln Engineer

Job description:
Requirements: Gender: male, degree : Bachelor degree or above, age: 20-40, there are more than three years industry experience in shuttle kiln kiln kiln, familiar knowledge, can bear hardships and stand hard work.


3)Sales Engineer

Job description: responsible for and to open up the domestic market sales
Requirements: Gender : no limit, education: college degree or above, age: 22-35. has more than two years work experience, character cheerful, good at communicating with people, a strong sense of teamwork, will drive the priority.


4)Secretary to Director of Sales

Job description: responsible for the administrative documents, preparation of meeting minutes and daily secretarial information report work, coordination auxiliary work between various departments.
Requirements: Gender: female, education: college degree or above, age: 20-35, familiar with the administrative management and the work flow of office, have basic network knowledge, familiar with computer operation and office software, have relevant work experience, English level four or above, can drive.


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