1. What is your minimum order quantity?
For stock items there is no minimum order quantity. For customized products, there may be a minimum depending on the manufacturing method used to make the parts.
2. What is the Maximum using temperature of the ceramics?
It depends on materials purity and production process. Usually, 1800¡æ of Alumina£¬2200¡æof Magnesia£¬2200¡æof Zirconium£¬1750¡æof Graphite.
3. What is the delivery time?
Stock items are normally dispatched in 1-3 days. Non stock items will be advised on our quote/order department.
4. Can you hold product stock for me?
Yes, we carry many customers¡¯ specific stocks and are happy to provide assistance with just in time deliveries, consignment stocks and stock management.
5. What is the tolerance of products?
We produce in strict accordance with the drawings. If there is no special requirement, it differs from materials to specifications.
6. Do you offer all sizes in all materials?
Some sizes may not be available in all materials. This is due to manufacturing constraints of certain materials. If you have a specific requirement please contact us.
7. Do you supply shaped components?
Yes, we can supply according to your drawings or help you design the best product.
8. Do I need to pre-heat ceramics?
Most ceramics can withstand considerable thermal shock .Pre- heating or gentle temperature gradients are always a good idea if possible as this will help increase the life of the ceramic.
9. Can I get help with design in order to obtain the best results?
We are more than happy to help. Just let us know and we will provide as much help as you require.